The Easton Comprehensive Master Plan

After several months of urban planning, we have been able to summarize all the needs of the town in a quadripoic to be able to fulfill the objective set in this plan.

Clearly we can observe the strong points of the plan, where the most important thing is to change the entire electrical infrastructure of the town. The installation of solar plots will produce enough energy for this town to source 90% of natural energy sources.

You can already go through the town hall and collect the information printed in color in a quadricept with great detail, where you can see the new streets and walks to be built and how to divert the main avenues of heavy vehicles and transport to the outside from town.

The decision to inform the citizens was taken yesterday afternoon and we have received the first shipment of 20,000 cuadripticals so that you can pick it up at the tourist information point or at the town hall itself.

We thank our supplier for the speed and quality of the work presented. We have given the go-ahead to print full-color information brochures (imprimir cuadrípticos) and in 24 hours we already had the first shipments of them.

The phases of the development of the project as well as the final map of how the new urban planning will be shown in it.

The meetings of our managers have borne fruit thanks to the understanding of all the personnel involved. Fire Chief, Police Department and health personnel.

The town newspaper will publish daily the affected areas as well as the water and electricity supply cuts. An effort of all the people that will take us to achieve the goal set so that when it arrives in summer we can enjoy all the finished works. 100% of the future program of our people fulfilled in terms.
Thanks for the effort.


Working Groups

Public participation often involves key people, groups, and organizations who are tied closely to municipal and regional decisions through either their profession or area of expertise.  The Steering Committee has pursued the development of Working Groups for individual plan elements as well as a subcommittee to deal specifically with communications. Continue reading Resources